Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Follicle u/s = good news & bad news

Shawn and I headed to Dr. Gentry's office for my follicle u/s this morning.  My appointment was at 8:30 a.m. I had my estrogen (E2) blood draw first and then the nurse called me back for my u/s.  Luckily for me there was only one nurse working on me, unlike last time when I had a nurse using the "Bob Barker's microphone from the Price is Right" digging in me to try and see my ovaries and another nurse standing over me pressing on my ovaries!

I'm going to be honest in saying that I went into the appointment already discouraged, defeated, and not feeling hopeful.  Probably comes from all the times when it's been like that.  It's hard to be excited for something that, in the past, has always been disappointment!  I did get a little bit of good news though.  I had one follicle that they could see.  Granted it wasn't mature enough yet, but it was there.  It was 10mm in size and the Dr. wants it to be at least around 18mm in size for it to be mature enough for me to get my trigger shot.  The nurse said she's going to get the results of my E2 blood draw and then talk to Dr. G to see what he recommends.  Chances are though that I'll continue taking the Follistim injections for a couple more nights and then go back into the office for another follicle u/s to see how much the follicle has grown.  When I ordered my medicine last time, I ordered it in three 300 unit vials so that I would have a little extra medicine in each vial versus just a little extra in one 900 unit vial.  That extra should buy me two more days at least.  And then they'll probably have to call me in a refill for another 300 unit vial.

I wrote the above paragraphs this morning.

I just got a call from Dr. G's office.  My estrogen level was 111, which was higher than the nurse expected it to be with the size of the follicle.  Normal is about 100 for each mature follicle.  Dr. G wants me to take another 150 units tonight and tomorrow night and inject them into my thigh.  Then we will go back on Friday for a repeat performance of today's activities.  I also had to order another 300 unit vial of Follistim just in case I needed to take more medicine on Friday and over the weekend.

Metro called shortly after I got off the phone with the nurse to confirm my order and get payment and my meds should be here tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!  Prayers appreciated!  Love to all!

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