Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

So I've seen people link up for these What I'm Loving Wednesday's posts and decided to join in!  Now let's just see if I can link up correctly!

I'm loving McDonald's Mocha Frappes and I don't like coffee!  I had a Mocha Chip Frappe from Tastefully Simple the other day and LOVED it.  It was like an ice cold chocolate milkshake!  So I asked around and found out that McD's Mocha Frappes taste the same.  This can't be good for my Weight Watchers!
I'm loving my new nail polish.  It's called Hot Tamale by Pure Ice.  It's such a FUN color!

I'm loving my must have lip gloss.  It's Coconut Cream from Bath and Body Works and it's yummy tasting and looking!  Too bad they only made it during the holidays and it's no longer available!
I'm loving my new shirt from Fashion Bug!  I've been buying some "out of the box" tops for myself and really like them!

And last, but certainly not least, I'm loving all the pool time I've gotten this summer, and my nice tan to go with it!  I've been to Holiday World twice, Burdette Park three times, and to my friend Heather's pool a few times.  In fact, I'm taking a vacation day on Friday to spend the day poolside with my friend!

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