Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saladmaster: Cooking School

On Saturday, we attended another Saladmaster Cookware cooking school hosted by Jeremy and Christa Conrad.  This class was held at the LaQuinta Inn in Evansville.  We had Gavin with us this weekend, so he went with us.  He was such a good little boy and thought the food was yummy too.  They made Italian Goulash, an easy Chicken, Veggies and Sauce recipe, a crisp, tangy Greek style cabbage and romaine salad, and some Pineapple Honey Pears for dessert.  They also do a drawing for prizes and Shawn and I both won a prize.  My friend Misty was there as well as Mandy and Jamie.  We are all Saladmaster owners :)

There was quite a few people in attendance for the school.

This is Christa, Jeremy's wife.  She demonstrated the recipes and cooked the food.  She's such a super nice lady and always has the answers to my SM cookware questions.

Shawn's name was drawn for a prize.  He choose the set of two knives.

Here is proud Shawnie with his knives.

And then my name was drawn for a prize.  I was super excited that we both won.  I choose the magnetic spice rack set. 

And both of my friends, Misty and Mandy, won prizes.  Here is Misty with her trivet.

And Mandy with her knife set.

And Christa took this picture of me, Shawn and Gavin :)

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