Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Riding "hikes" and playing in the "hebbles"

On Saturday I went over to mom's house cause Beth and "Havin" were over there and I was needing a Gavin fix.  I remembered to take Gavin's "hike" with me so he could ride it outside at mom's.  He rode it for a bit and then he played in the "hebbles" for quite some time before heading upstairs for a bath. 

I absolutely love this picture of Gavin.  I took it as he was riding his bike across the lawn and I love that you can see him getting into the peddling of it.

I guess there was a mechanical problem and he needed to fix the bike.

And now that we are done riding on the bike, it's time to play in Nannie's pebbles!

This little boy got so completely dirty!  His hands were filthy from playing in the rocks.  He would get dirt in his mouth and then use his hands to get it out thus putting more dirt in his mouth.  I looked at him and he was trying to spit it out saying "CeCe, get dat out" and stick his tongue out.  I couldn't help but laugh while coming to the rescue and using my shirt to wipe his tongue off.

Taking a drink to wash some of the dirt down!

Absolutely the dirtiest I have EVER seen him! 
He loved playing in the hebbles and enjoyed just being a boy!

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