Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sno Cones, Puppy Chow, Twisties!

This Saturday our church had a sno cone fundraiser in front of the east side Walmart.  It was hot and windy that day and our stuff was blowing everywhere.  While we didn't seem like that we were that busy, we did pretty good.  We made $265.  We sold small and large size sno cones for $1 and $2 each and puppy chow for $2 a bag, and then one lady did face painting and hair twisties (but I don't remember their prices, we didn't sell many, if any, of those).  We sold out of our puppy chow, which was 50 bags.  Angie headed up this fundraiser, and then me, Angie and her girls, Sherry, Mistie and Teresa were all out in front of the Walmart yesterday yelling "sno cones, puppy chow"  "get your yummy treats" "enjoy a yummy sno cone on a hot day!".  We had a lot of fun and I learned I LOVE making sno cones!

Allesha with her hair paint and twisties leading off our P-U-P-P-Y C-H-O-W chants!

Alex with her cute hair paint and hair twisties!

Lots of yummy syrup flavors!  There was orange, watermelon, grape, cherry, blue raspberry and root beer.  Cherry and blue raspberry were our top sellers (and my fave!  I had 2 large sno cones myself!)

Teresa sporting her fanny pack!  She has two if anyone needs to borrow them!  HAHA!

Mistie with puppy chow, sno cones and hair twisties!

Our set up!  We got lots of compliments on our grass umbrellas, however it was so windy, they kept blowing down and away! 

Alex, our "runner" for the day!  She's such a help and a blessing!

Our signs!

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