Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex

Yesterday was the birthday of a friend from church.  Her name is Alexandra aka Alex aka Pootie :)  After work last night, I was able to join them for her birthday dinner at Olive Garden, which was delicious.  Then after church last night, Shawn and I joined them for a sweet treat at Sweet CeCe's.

I met Alex at church when I started going there with Shawn, 10 years ago this past May.  She was this cute little chubby, chipmunk cheek little girl who, who 3 years later became the bubble girl in my wedding.  And now, at 15 years old, she's this simply beautiful young lady who has a heart for God.  We love you Pootie and are glad we got to help you celebrate your birthday!

This is a picture of Pootie at our wedding. 

And here is Alex today, with her boyfriend Shawnie aka my husband...hee ;)
(She likes to joke that Shawnie is her boyfriend!)

Me and Alex :)

And Alex with her mom and Garvin :)

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