Monday, June 7, 2010

Maramec Spring Park

One afternoon of our trip, Steve, Christa, Shawn and I drove out to Meramec Spring Park to visit.  This was a very pretty park with lots of beautiful scenery and history.  The weather was beautiful and was a nice mix of sun and shade to keep us cool.  The only downfall to the day was the fact that I forgot to put the battery back in my good camera and didn't realize it until I stepped out of the van to take the first picture.  I was really bummed.  I did have the little point and shoot camera with me, but these pictures could of been so much better with the Rebel.  There was a historic driving trail we took where we got out and walked through a really old cemetery, there was alot of history noted along the driving trail, and a museum full of lots of information about the park.  There was a cave under the spring and there was tens of thousands of trout to feed.  We will definitely return here next year while we are at Cobblestone.

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