Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Daniel Fast

Starting tomorrow, our Church as a whole is participating in another 21 day Daniel Fast.  We did this last March and everyone enjoyed it.  Our plan was to stick with some of what we learned - eating healthier, cooking with fresh veggies, however, we soon turned back to our old ways of eating out and eating canned and boxed foods and not reading labels.  So I was excited to learn that we are doing it again this year. 

We are following the fast according to this website -  We are eating no meats, no bread, no sweats, no sodas, no foods with chemicals or sugar added.  Basically fruits and veggies, brown rice, lots of organic food, and water.  It's alot of label reading. 

Last night Shawn and I ventured into Schnucks to get our food for the first week of the fast.  Seemed like last year we were in there every couple of days restocking on our produce.  I felt like we needed to grow a garden. 

That peanut butter is yummy, but it's almost $6 for the small jar.  Nothing yummy than a peanut butter sandwich made of peanut butter and a whole grain tortilla.  LOL!!

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