Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daniel Fast Day 13

While I enjoying participating in the Daniel Fast, I'm really starting to struggle and will be glad when it's over.  Not really glad that it will be over, but glad that I will be able to eat some meat and eggs.  I'm really having a hard time enjoying the foods we can have this time.  I feel like for the last couple of days, nothing I have cooked has been good and I have barely eaten anything.  Tonight I actually had a little break down in the kitchen and started crying when Shawn come home.  I was hungry and nothing was good and I wasn't satisfied with supper again.  I ended up eating fresh pineapple chunks and 2 bananas for supper tonight.  I know my struggle is the devil and I just need to give it to God and ask him to help me and everything will be ok. 

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