Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gavin's Birthday Day of Fun!

Before I get started with this post, I wanna give some props to my friend Jana Bean who made Gavin and I these super cute birthday shirts!  I bought the shirts at Old Navy (cause I'm picky about my shirts) and then took them to her for the vinyl lettering.  I absolutely loved how they turned out!!

On Friday, I picked Gavin up for the weekend so we could celebrate his Birthday Day of Fun on Saturday.  We started the weekend off with orange Jarrito's from Jalisco's!  

Saturday involved a day of fun of Gavin's choice!  

We started the day at the Inflatable Fun Factory.  Actually we started the day at Pump it Up, only to get there and find out they were closed to open jump because of some private parties they were having.  Off we headed to the Inflatable Fun Factory.  Gavin had a great time jumping around and going up and down the slides.  We chose to jump before eating, as Stace didn't want to have a situation later in the day!  We were only there for a short amount of time before Gavin was wore out and hungry.

Next up we headed out to lunch.  Our plan was to go to Zuki since Gavin loves their soup, salad, and hibachi chicken and loves eating with those cheater chopsticks.  However, when we got to Zuki, they had an hour wait and none of us really wanted to wait that long.  Shawn suggested Toyko Japan so we went there.  I have to say that at first I was deflated with their food selection - they didn't have any soup or salad, and they didn't have the kind of noodles that other hibachi type places have.  Gavin doesn't like the rice or veggies, so all he would eat would be the chicken.  I figured they probably wouldn't have the cheater chopsticks that he kept talking about.  I was ready to just get up and leave, but knew if we did, we'd have a wait anywhere else we went too.  Gavin kept bugging for the chopsticks while we were ordering and when I asked if they had any, the girl said they did.  Victory!  We'll stay!  I was actually glad we stayed cause the food was really good.  Gavin ate all of his chicken and then helped himself to some chicken off of both mine and Shawn's plate

After lunch, he wanted to go to Toys R Us and get his present and then go home and play with it.  We perused quite a few isles of the store and had a few different things in the cart before he finally settled on the big gun.

We did stop at Sonic for drinks on the way home, and I'm not naming any names, but a grape nerds slush ended up on the floorboard of the backseat.  Thankful that I had Weathertech floormats!  They were a lifesaver and made the cleanup quick and easy!  

Heading upstairs to pop a few in Uncle Shawn!

And no birthday celebration is complete without cake and ice cream!

Happy Almost 7th Birthday sweet boy!  

I have to tell ya, that Nerf Module gun is pretty sweet!  It's huge and once it's fully put together, Gavin can't hardly hold it up.  After we got home and I started investigating that gun online, there are 3 more accessory packs to add to it, so Nan and I are going to get them for him for his birthday party on Saturday at his house.  

He did say a couple funny things over the weekend, however at the writing of this blog, I can only remember one of them :(  I'm sure the other thing will come to me later and I'll update when it does.

I had told him that we might go to laser tag and putt-putt, but I wasn't sure.  Later in the car, he said "I know there's a 50 percent chance we are going to laser tag"  I asked him why he said that, and he replied "cause you said we may or may not go there".  It was cracking Shawn and I up that he used a percentage in his comment!

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