Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goodbye Acadia, It's Been Bittersweet!

At the beginning of this year, we said goodbye to the Acadia.  She was a bittersweet car.  I loved how she looked, and I loved driving her, but she was definitely a money pit car.  We should of took it as a sign to return her when a problem light came on the day we bought her.  Yes, we bought a car with high miles and no warranty, and we knew that if something went wrong, we'd have to pay to get it fixed.  But did we know we would be fixing something almost EVERY.MONTH?  No!  She was such a sweet car.  I loved the color inside and out, I loved how big she was, and I loved how roomy she was.  But she just wasn't dependable anymore.  I feel like we had her in the shop, more than not.  We put over $7,000 of repairs into her in the year and four months that we had her, including a new transmission. Seemed like we would fix something and think she'd be good to go, and then something else would go wrong.   In that short time, we had to replace a battery and alternator, we had A/C problems, replaced a TPMS sensor in a tire, had heater problems - in the coldest week of winter, replaced a blower motor, replaced rear wiper blade, replaced another TPMS sensor in another tire, replaced the sway bar link under the passenger side, put 4 new tires on, replaced the transmission, replaced the exhaust, intake manifold and front rotors, replaced the master cylinder - twice, first one was defective, replaced spark plugs.  I'm sure there was more, but that's all I had in my notes.  After our last set of problems with her in December (metal shavings in the oil), we were both finally done with her and started car shopping.  We looked at a couple different options, and then finally decided on the Ford Explorer.  

I'm so glad we did, cause she's such a sweet ride too.  I love almost everything about her.  I do wish she had a 6-disc CD changer, more room in the 2nd and 3rd row seating, and an auto liftgate like the Acadia had.  However I did get keyless entry, push button start, backup camera, heated back row seating, and a much newer car with alot less miles and a warranty, so I'll take the compromise.  And she does great in the snow!

We actually went to Expressway Ford in Mt. Vernon to look at a different black Explorer.  We drove it and liked it, but I wasn't sold on it.  We asked to drive the one we bought (it was a little bit more money, and had 12,000 more miles on it, which is why we didn't look at it in the first place), and when Shawn asked if any of them had sunroofs, we were told no, but then the salesman came out and said this one did.  It was like a blessing fell from heaven and I was ready to buy it without even driving it.  HA!  We drove it, and loved it so much better than the one we went to buy.  

I do feel bad for Shawn though.  After we paid the Acadia off, the plan was to get him a new car, cause we didn't want to have two car payments.  But because of the problem Acadia, that didn't happen.  After driving the new Explorer for a week, I told Shawn I didn't care to have two car payments if he wanted to get a new car too.  I wanted him to have all of the luxuries that I was experiencing with a newer vehicle, but he's willing to sacrifice and keep chugging along in his little hooptie car.  

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