Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend in Illinois

For the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we went to Shawn's parents like we do each year.  On the way there, we went to Cave in Rock park in Cave in Rock, Illinois.  I had heard of the park before, but wasn't till I saw pictures of the cave that I wanted to go.  The day was nice and sunny, but a little breezy.  We parked the car, got out at the parking lot and walked a little pathway to the cave.  The cave was so much bigger than I imagined and was really neat to see and walk into.  You can read more about Cave in Rock here.

Saturday morning we went with Steve and Christa into Gallatia to go to the Amish Yoder Bakery for some pastries, which are yummy!  Then Steve took us on a tour of Wasson.  Wasson is the little town Shawn lives in, however their address is Eldorado, so that's where they say they live.  There are so many little towns in that area, that people just usually say they are from the bigger towns.  This section of Wasson is very run down.  The sign on this pole just made me laugh so it deserved a picture.

Later in the day on Saturday, me, Shawn and Shawn's mom drove into Marion and Carbondale to go Christmas shopping.  This is one of my favorite things to do while we are there.  I just love shopping in different towns.  On the way there, Shawn took us out to ____ (my mind has gone completely blank).  It's a wildlife refuge that you can drive through.  We saw one turkey and a few deer.  We actually saw alot of deer the whole weekend.

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