Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rockport Christmas Parade 2011

On Saturday, December 4, we went to the Rockport Christmas parade.  My family went every year as a kid, and then when we got older, we stopped going.  Since Shawn and I have been married, we have started going again.  It's just a small-town little parade, but it's always fun!  We usually end up standing on the corner in front of the courthouse.  It's never crowded there, there is close parking, and it's easy to tell people "hey, we'll be standing in front of the courthouse, look for us there!".  There is also a craft show at the court house so we visit that after the parade.

Tootie had to work this year, so we took Tommy and Gavin.  And Nannie was a snowman in the parade with the Rockport Housing Authority.  Standing with us was Chrystal, Braidon and Charlie, and then BJ and Trenton.  Gavin didn't collect much candy, but I'm pretty sure his daddy did!  Gavin was more interested in my little camera and taking pictures!  He's going to follow in his Aunt CeCe's footsteps...hee!!

There is Nannie...she's the 3rd snowman on the right.  Walking the parade really wore Nannie out, and that's even with her taking a few shortcuts along the route.  LOL!!

That's our health care nurse at work Emily and her cute daughter Jayce.

Tommy and Gavin - Beth's boys!

My cousin Chrystal and her son Braidon aka Turtle

My little cousins Braidon and Trenton

Nannie the snowman, me and Gavin
 I'm loving these pictures below.  Aside from the first one, Gavin took the rest. :)

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