Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Shawn and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year.  We had LOTS of people and LOTS of yummy food and desserts!  There was turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, watergate salad, deviled eggs, and rolls.  We also had a cheeseball and crackers and deer meat, along with pecan pie, pumpkin pie, peach dessert, apple pie, chocolate pie, and my Aunt Joyce's delicious texas sheet cake! 

Those present were me and Shawn, his parents, my mom, Beth, Tommy and Gavin, Uncle Popeye, Uncle Bill and Joyce, Joyce's sister Phyllis, Julie and her boys, Jenny and her girls, DobIe and Charlie, BJ and Trenton, John, Nikki and Aleaha, and Shannon and Thomas.  Needless to say, we had a packed house.

Below are some pictures that were taken throughout the day.

Cousins having fun!

Shawn and his parents!

LOTS of food and LOTS of leftovers!

The rest of the food and leftovers!

I've been wanting to take a group photo the last few years at Thanksgiving, but it's always either been raining, or extremely cold outside.  So this year, it wasn't too bad and we did the picture.  It was an ordeal!  LOL!!  I set the tripod up to take the picture, set the timer, and set it to take 10 consecutive shots.  I think because it was so cold outside, there was a delay in the shots.  After the second shot, Gavin took off running to look at the pictures on the camera and you can see him running out of the picture.  In the next picture you see Tommy running out to go retrieve Gavin.  In the third picture, Gavin has been captured, and the fourth picture was the best one out of 20. 

Gavin took this picture of his pretty mommy :)


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