Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day trip to Spring Mill State Park

On Monday, Shawn and I took a little day trip to Mitchell, Indiana to Spring Mill State Park. I had heard it was a nice park to visit and they have an Inn there that has a yummy lunch buffet.  It was about two hours away to the north west.  We left the house at 10:00 a.m., which would of put us there right at noon, just in time for the lunch buffet.  We went the longer way and took the two lane roads through some little towns I had never been through before.  We stopped at the Gasthof Village in Montgomery along the way cause I had never been there, and I wanted to see some Amish people.  For some reason, I am intrigued by Amish people.  We weren't eating there, but stopped to go to the flea market and look through their bakery.  When we were in the bakery, I noticed the time on the clock and realized that they were an hour ahead of us, which, because of us looking through the flea market and the one hour time change, put us getting to the Spring Mill Inn after the lunch buffet.  We decided to eat lunch at the Gasthof Village then and it was yummy!  Of course I ate too much and was stuffed!  We left there and headed to the park.  We drove around the park a few times cause we seemed to be getting lost.  :(  We stopped at a few of the different stops inside the park and finally found our way to the Pioneer Village.  We parked the car and got out and walked around to look at all the old buildings and take pictures.  We got there late, so alot of the buildings were already closed and the mill wasn't running.  We did walk a little trail in the woods up to a cave, but it was closed.  After that we headed back to the car and I assumed we were going home.  However we ended up going to the Inn for the dinner buffet.  Neither one of us was really hungry, but we had driven all that way and eating their buffet was one of our main reasons for going.  The food was good, but I couldn't finish my meal because I was still miserable for lunch.  Plus I got stung by a bee earlier in the day and my arm was killing me.  (The bee sting incident will have it's own post!)  After supper, we drove home, both sleepy and miserably full!  We had a good time on our trip, despite the bee sting, and I can't wait for more little day trips again!  Below are quite a few pictures from our day's journey.

One of the main roads inside the park. 
 I know this would be a beautiful fall picture in about a month or so!.

Me before we started our trot through the park.

The old mill, however it wasn't running when we were there.

There was a couple trails in the park and this is one of the smaller ones that goes up to Donaldson Cave.  They said it was a small hike, so we decided to check it out...

...only to get to the top and see this sign... back down the trail we go.  There was beautiful scenery though!

The Inn at Spring Mill

And me stuffed and wore out from the day!

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