Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Bee Sting!!

On Monday when Shawn and I were at Spring Mill State Park, I got stung by a bee under my arm.  We had pulled over to read the map of the park and a bee got in the car.  We shewed it out and I went on about reading the map.  The next thing I knew I felt something sting me in my underarm and looked down and the bee was stuck in my sweater.  I finally got it out of the car and took my sweater off and saw where it had stung me.  I thought I would be ok, but went ahead and took a Benedryl anyways. 

This is my arm just shortly after I got stung (ignore the fatness of the arm!)...

And this is my arm Tuesday morning on my way to the allergist...

It was crazy!  It was red, swollen, itchy, had fever and ached!  The allergist gave me a steriod to take and it immediately started feeling better.  I so do not want to be stung by a bee ever again!!

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