Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Bubby!

Thursday, February 18, 2010 was Gavin's first birthday.  I can't believe he is one year old now.  Seems just like yesterday I got the chance to see the miracle of life.  What an awesome year this has been for me being able to be his aunt.  I've got to spend alot of time with him, but not nearly as much as I would like to of.  He's had so many firsts in his life - going from being a small little baby to sitting up, then crawling, cooing, first words, first tooth, first hair cut, trying to walk, lots of hugs and kisses and snuggling, first sleepovers, first car rides, first road trips, and so much more.  February 18 is a special day for a few reasons, it is also the day that my dad, Gavin's Papaw Pete, passed away - 13 years ago this year.  February 18 is also the birthday of his daddy's mom, who has since passed on.  So while this day is a sad day for certain reasons, it's also a happy day because we get to celebrate Gavin's growing another year older. 

We had a birthday party for him on Sunday at the Community Room at Mimi's Apartment.  We had lots of yummy food - hot dogs and polish sausage, potato salad, baked beans, chips, and drinks.  We had YUMMY chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream while Gavin had his own mess of chocolate cake as you'll see in the pictures below.  There was lots of family and friends there to help celebrate!  Gavin got lots of fun gifts too!

And don't worry, I had the camera in hand to take lots of pictures.  I've posted a ton to this post, mainly because I went overboard taking them during him eating cake.  I had been looking forward to that for quite a few days. 

Here is all of the yummy food we had. 

I wanted mom to take some pictures of me and Gavin, but she really was clueless on working the camera and stinker butt doesn't really like smiling for the camera anymore.  So I started spinning him around to get him to laugh.  While I don't like this picture of myself, I love the fact that you can see Gavin laughing and that little laugh just melts my heart!


Gavin with his Uncle Brandon - Brandon works with Beth and is a good friend!

Gavin with Uncle Shawn :)

This table was filled up with lots of loot.  The biggest present in the back is the one we got him :)  It was a Whisper Ride Buggy and he LOVES hauling his dirty diapers to the trash can in it.  LOL!!

Yummy chocolate cake.  I forgot to take a picture of Gavin's little smash cake, but it looked exactly like this one, except a miniature version. 


Beth and Tommy helping Gavin blow out his candle.  I'm not sure about his expression in this picture, but I think it had something to do with the fact of the lights out and everyone singing Happy Birthday to him.

Alright, it's cake time!!  Beth didn't want to undress him, so we rolled up his sleeves and bibbed him up.  He wasn't so sure about that cake.  He just kept looking at it and didn't want to touch him.  I finally took his hand and just smashed it in the cake.  He still wasn't sure about it, so Mimi stuck her finger in the icing and let him try it.  He liked it and from there on, it got messy.  Even to the point of Aunt Stacey sticking her hand in the cake and licking the icing off of her fingers.  I think that's what made that little cake taste so yummy ;)  I took lots of pictures of this and love looking at, and cracking up at, each one.  You can see how his face starts out so clean and in each one just gets a little bit messier and messier.

Zoe and Gavin - She is smitten with him and couldn't get enough of him at the party.  She loved the fact that she got to "babysit" him while we cleaned up after the party. 

It's present time!!  Isn't presents what a party is all about anyways?  Gavin got ALOT of great presents.  Thanks everyone - this kid is spoiled!!  He got clothes, sippy cups, eating utensils, a wagon,  telephones, a punching toy, blocks, stuffed animals, a four-wheeler, jammies, and so much more.  Shawn and I got him a play phone, 2 shirts - one with a Rebel Dog on it and the other with his name and the number one on it, a little red step stool (that I've now learned will also be his time out stool), and the Whisper Ride Buggy. 

I took a picture of Tommy opening Gavin's big present from Shawn and I, but I forgot to take a picture of the actual gift, so I found this picture on the internet.  Beth said he loves it and Tommy drives him all over the house in it.  And that Rebel Dog runs along beside them and wants a ride.  LOL!!  I can't wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer so we can go outside and walk over to the park to play and go for rides in the caddy. 

And last, Gavin and Zoe.  He's calling his girlfriend in China on the phone.  He's glad to have gotten his own phone so that now he won't get in trouble for calling her and won't incur any international charges either!

HAPPRY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!  You truly are amazing and melt my heart every time I see you!  I love you bubby!  You are going to grow up into such a handsome little boy!

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