Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day was a great one for me!  Shawn sent me some flowers to work on Friday and then we went out to dinner at the Black Buggy.  After we got home, we exchanged our gifts with each other.  We are both like kids at Christmas when it comes to presents.  We always open our gifts early.  This year I got Shawn some new pjs, well really some coca cola lounge pants and a Three Stoges t-shirt and then a Reese Cup heart.  He got me this warm, fuzzy snuggle blanket that I saw and two tickets to the Toby Mac/Skillet concert.  Naturally that was a shared gift cause one of the tickets was for him.  He even got a little sad and almost teary-eyed when I mentioned asking someone else to go.  Then my other special little Valentine got his Aunt Stacey a single, white rose, a balloon, and a giant card that he signed (with the help of his mommy and daddy of course).  Below are some pictures of my Valentine goodies, along with Gavin opening his Valentine present from Aunt Stacey and Uncle Shawn.  Of course, he liked the box more than the present.  And doesn't he look cute with his new big boy haircut and big boy shoes!  All of his curls are gone, but I'm sure they'll grow back in no time. 

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