Saturday, November 21, 2009

Starting Over Today

I started a diet pill today.  It's called Meridia and it took some pursading from my husband to get it.  Not because he didn't want me to take it, but because of the cost. 

A little history.  A guy my husband works with told me over the summer that he was taking Fastin, which is an appetite suppressent.  I thought I might like to take that but knew that my insurance at work doesn't cover anything weight-related, so I looked at some over the counter diet pills instead.  I tried some, but they didn't work. When Shawn was at his doctor for a check up for his diabetes, he talked to his doctor about the Fastin and got a prescription for it.  It was $35 for a Rx at the Walgreens without insurance.  I thought that was reasonable and when I noticed how it was working for Shawn, I knew I wanted to take it.  I know me being overweight is probably playing a HUGE part on me not being able to get pregnant.  So I thought, well the next time I have to go to the doctor, I'll just talk to him about it then.  Well don't you know about 3 weeks ago, I got sick and had to call the doctor, only my doctor was out on vacation for 2 weeks.  Just my luck!  I decided last week to just go to the doctor to talk about it anyways.  I called to find out how much an office visit would be without insurance, and it was resonable, so I made an appointment for Monday afternoon this week.  I talked to him about my weight and some other things weight-related and told him I wanted to start taking Fastin.  He told me he wasn't a big advocate of Fastin because of their side effects, but talked to me about Meridia and thought that would be better for my situation.  I went out to the car after the visit to call the pharamcy to price the medicine.  Walgreens was $168 for 30 pills.  Instant tears.  Really, Shawn's not going to want to pay that much per month for medicine, I don't want to pay that much per month for medicine.  Yeah, I wanted to take it, but I didn't really push it either when we talked, or rather, argued at about.  Then I guess some people at his work were giving him a hard time about it and what not and he agreed to it.  He said that someone said Sam's was cheaper and that there was a $25 coupon online for it.  So I called some different pharmacies for prices and Sam's was cheaper; they were $142.  The prices from the different pharmacies ranged from $142 to $198.  So long story short, Shawn went and got the Rx filled yesterday and I just started it this morning.  Hopefully it will work as planned, and along with a reduced calorie diet, and hopefully some walking, I'll be able to drop some pounds and have some more energy.

I thought about putting my starting weight out here, but I'm not sure about that yet.   I mean I know what it is, I just don't know if I'm ready to have others know what it is.  I do need to post some before pics...yeah, that's scary too!  Maybe this stuff will be in it's own post.  Maybe I'll start another weight loss blog.  We'll see!

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