Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Visiting with Heather and the Kids

This is my second post of the day. I went to visit Heather, Bowen, and the kids today. Bowen's parents breed their mini dachshund with his grandpa's mini dachshund and Shawn and I decided to get one. I had my heart set on a chocolate one and thankfully enough, there were two. Heather, the kids, and myself went to her in-laws to see the puppies and they are SO cute. I believe they are almost 3 weeks old and just opened their eyes yesterday. In a few more weeks, our little guy will be coming home with us. We aren't sure of a name yet, but I like Brutus, or Bruiser. Kind of a big tough name for a little guy.

Our little guy is the one with his head in the middle. He's chocolate, but looks black in this photo.
And while I was at Heather's, we noticed that the winds from the storm last night did some damage to their corn stalks in the garden. The pattern of the damage was weird and it only affected the corn in their garden and not the field. It almost looks like a tornado dropped down in that spot and then picked back up again.

And of course, while we were out there, I had to take some pictures of my favorite subjects.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

^^^ Oops!!

LOL!! She makes the same face my daughter does with a camera in front of her. What I like to call the "forced smile". LOL!! Little girls are so cute. I love your pictures.

The wind damage to the corn is interesting. Good pics!