Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gavin's Playing Soccer!

**I am so behind on blogging!  This post was originally started in either March or April, and I'm just now getting around to finishing it and publishing it.**

Shawn and I took Beth and Gavin to sign up Gavin for soccer to play for the Ultimate Goal.  He had six games and six practices and almost all of them fell during my busy season at work so I only got to make it to two of the games, but those two games were definitely interesting to watch.  Hee!

Below are a few pictures from the sign up morning.  It was definitely a chilly morning!  They had little drills signed up where they timed them doing different things.

A picture of Gavin and Uncle Shawn at his first game.  

Yeah, I finally made it to a game!  

Before each game, they start with a prayer, and then during half-time (is that what it's called in soccer), they have another prayer and do a little devotion.  I was so proud of Gavin at his last soccer game when the coach mentioned that Gavin often gave prayer requests and sometimes led the prayer!   

Let's play soccer!  

Score!!  The yellow made a goal!

And when you aren't playing soccer, you are on the bench being silly!

And each game ended with a high-five good game! 

Receiving their end of season awards!


Miranda said...

He is lucky to have an aunt that is so involved. It's obvious (from your blog) how much time you spend with him. He is very lucky. Wish my girls had an aunt like you!!

Stacey Jessee Glenn said...

Awww thanks for your kind words! I try to be the best aunt I can be. I love that boy more than life iteself! More than anything, I've always wanted to be a mom. That isn't happening, so an aunt is the next best thing! This way I can spoil them up, and send them home when I'm exhausted! LOL!! I can be your girl's aunt too!! I'd love to have a little girl, or in your case, girls to spoil! Boy stuff isn't that cute! HAHA!! Your girls are the cutest ever! I always enjoy seeing your pictures, posts, and blogs.