Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Cold Day at Holiday World!

Every year my work gives us tickets to Holiday World.  I normally like to go in the summer to enjoy Splashin' Safari, and then once in the fall to enjoy the rides.  We never made it during the summer, so we had extra tickets for the fall trip and were able to take Gavin's little friend Jacob with us.

I always enjoying going on one of their last days open.  Usually the weather is alot cooler, the park isn't crowded and you can usually get a close parking spot, and there isn't any wait in the lines.  The only thing I timed right on this trip was the weather being cooler :/  Regardless, we all had a great time opening and closing the park!

Shawn and I with the hooligan boys.  I don't think there was one serious picture taken all day.  There was some form of fingers being displayed in the deuces sign (or in Gavin's words, peace!), or tongues being stuck out.  I've given up on decent pictures!

In the fall at HW, they have whats called Halloween weekends, with lots of extra Halloween themed attractions.  One of our favorites is the 3D haunted house.  The spinner room always gets us!

Something new we did was Carnival Chaos.  They had different carnival-themed things inside.  One of the things was you had to enter in and walk through this blown up black plastic area.  It was almost like squeezing your way through an opening and I didn't think we were ever going to see the light at the end.  It was Jacob, me, Gavin, and Shawn.  About halfway through, Jacob turned around and grabbed ahold of me and asked me to carry him out.  It was hilarious!  Gavin was attached to the back of me as well!  It wasn't scary at all, but just really weird.

It was alot more crowded than I had hoped, so rides were taking longer than planned.

Lunch in Holidog Town and then back to riding rides!

The boys LOVED Raging Rapids.  Despite the fact that it was only about 50 degrees that afternoon, they rode that ride and rode it some more.  It was actually the only ride without a line so the boys just stayed on it again and again.  I had to make them get off of it so we could go do some other stuff.  

And then on the way back past it, they had to ride it a few more times

Who doesn't love ice cream when it's freezing cold outside!

This kids mouth was permanently colored from all the Hi-C and ice cream he had!

The last ride of the night and it was freezing cold!

Pictures in front of Santa and then time to go boys!

Final stop - Angelo's in Rockport for pizza and bread sticks!  We all had a great time at Holiday World.  Jacob was the perfect choice to go with us and him and Gavin had a great time!  

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