Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fun at Reid's Orchard

Back at the beginning of October, Gavin and I headed over to Reid's Orchard on Sunday afternoon on my way to take him home.  I went to get my fall flowers and pumpkins and I knew he'd love playing in their play area.  They have one of the cheaper-priced play areas with lots to do.  And I like that you only have to pay for the child to get in the play area and not the adults too. 

Stace had to tie these shoes more times than she would like.  He seriously needs to learn to tie his shoes, or I'm gonna get him some white velcro shoes to wear!  LOL!!  I've tried to teach him a couple times, but he's left-handed and isn't getting it.  

He wanted to ride the zip line, but couldn't get the hang of letting go and swinging out.  I think he was really a little bit too big for the kids' zip line.  

We played for quite a while and then we headed to their store so that I could pick out my mums and pumpkins, and for apple cider slushes.  It didn't take as long as I had thought so we headed back to the play area for some more play.  We left right before they closed.  Aunt Stace offered Gavin a ride on the wagon without realizing that the push was uphill.  Oh Em Gee!

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