Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Doggie Dental Cleaning!

Every time we are at the vet's office, he is always recommending a dental cleaning for the dogs.  The first time he suggested it, I got prices, but we didn't do it cause it was expensive, and because we didn't know of anyone else that had ever gotten their dogs teeth cleaned.  I know we never did with any of our dogs growing up.

So at the last visit when it was suggested, I asked more about it and got estimates for it again.  Reese also had a little mass on her ear I had inquired about and the vet tech told me that if we got her teeth cleaned, they could also remove that while she was put under.  The dogs also have rank poop breath and I knew that a cleaning would help with that.  We talked to the vet and tech more about the cleaning and how the tarter in their teeth and gums, if left untreated, could cause serious problems internally and so forth, and all the costs.  We decided to go ahead and get the cleanings done, and have the mass on Reese's ear removed.  Plus February was doggie dental month and you got free fluoride with your dental cleaning (hey at the cost of this cleaning, any savings would be a blessing!)

Just a note, don't ever google dog teeth.  It will seriously gag you!  However in doing that I saw a before and after photo of a dogs teeth after having them done.  Well you know me and pictures, I'm doing this too.  Taking pictures of the dogs teeth was no easy task, and then especially after they had the dental work done.  Hershey didn't want any part of me touching his mouth!

Anyways, here is a few before pictures of Reese's nasty teeth and the little mass on her ear.  In taking these pictures, I didn't realize how yucko these dogs' teeth were!

The little mass on her ear.

I only got one before of Hershey, he wasn't a fan.

So I made the dental cleaning appointment and then dropped the dogs off at the vet on my way to work.  They think they were going for a little innocent car ride, but mommy had other plans for them.  I'm sure they were mad at me when I dropped them off, but I knew it would be ok cause I was going to be the one picking them up and rescuing them from that mean ol' vet guy!

The vet techs called me later that afternoon and said that the dogs were finished and that everything went great.  They were able to cut the little mass out of Reese's ear and then cauterized the area.  She said that Hershey had to have one tooth extracted and that Reese had to have one surgically extracted and that because of that they were both on pain medicine, and then Reese had an antibiotic to take.  All unexpected so dollar signs were going off in my head while she was telling me that.  Our $350 dental cleaning bill just went up to about $540.  

I thought for sure they would be sleepy and sluggish when I picked them up, but they were the wild hooligans that they were when I dropped them off!  Enjoying the wind flapping in their ears!

It wasn't until later that they calmed down a bit and were sleepy.

Here is a picture of Reese's teeth after the cleaning.  WOW!  I couldn't believe how clean and white they were.  And their breath smells so good!  I wish I would of done this long ago, and we will definitely be doing it again!  

Reese's ear where she had the mass removed.  The little black crusty has already came off and you can't even tell she has a cut out of her ear if you didn't know it. 

Below is a before and after of Reese's teeth.  What a difference!  I highly recommend dental cleanings for your dogs!  

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