Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Annual Glenn-Bell's trip to the vet!

Last month was the annual Glenn-Bell's critters trip to the vet.  For the most part, we've always taken all of the animals at one time for their annual shots.  It's a chore, but one combined trip to the vet is better than 3 individual trips.  For Molly, we have to hide the cage in the house and then I have to sneak attack her into it.  When we had Clifford, it was like wrestling a wild boar to get him in the cage; Molly is no better.  The dogs on the other hand, they are so excited to go for a car ride, they are doing ballerina twirls all over the house while I'm trying to put them in their harnesses, which is a workout for me to try and wrestle them into those harnesses. 

Everyone got their annual shots, and then Hershey and Reese got their nails trimmed, and then Mommy and Daddy had their pocketbooks drained.  I swear I think we go to the most expensive vet in the tri-state, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Dr. Chappin and his girls just love our animals, and we love Dr. Chappin and his girls!

Before the vet came into the room, Molly was all laid out pretty on the table...

And after they were done with her, she's no-paws kitty under a chair in the corner!

Hershey is hid under my chair for fear of what they might do to him!

And Reese was Mommy's brave little girl getting her shots and her temp taking.

All done!  Let's get back in the car and get outta this place mom!

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