Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gatlinburg Vacay 2015: Day 4, Tuesday, October 20

On Tuesday, Shawn golfed at Gatlinburg Country Club, and I stayed back at the hotel to finish up some blogging and to take a nap - I was up too early this morning!  He shot an 89 and said the course was in great shape.  It's one of his favorite courses to play in the area.

When he got back, we ventured out for the day.  We started off with lunch at Friendly Falls.  I got this recommendation from a forum group on Trip Advisor.  There is a beautiful scenery while enjoying lunch outside.  

Shawn had the BBQ sandwich with kettle chips and I had the homemade pimento cheese with cold corn salsa.  The corn salsa was good, but I wasn't a fan of the pimento cheese.  There was nothing wrong with it, just personal preference.  We also got a hot dog to share.  

After we left there, we decided to drive into Gatlinburg for the rest of the day.  We drove through Roaring Fork Motor Trail. I forgot how incredibly steep that drive was and it was really busy on the day we drove it.  I also wasn't feeling that great so we didn't get out of the car to explore any of the places except really quick at one of the scenic overlooks.

We paid the $10 to park downtown and off we went to do some walking, and shopping, and people watching!

First stop was the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.  I love riding this one and seeing the amazing views of Gatlinburg from the top.  I tried to persuade Shawn to join me at the top, but he preferred his viewing from the street.  HAHA!  It was another beautiful sunny day with gorgeous skies!  

In planning our trip I found out that there used to be an old amusement park in the middle of Gatlinburg and part of the chair lift from it remains.  I had thought about trying to drive around and look for it, and then saw where it was located when I was up on top of the mountain.  It was called Fun Mountain and you can read about it from a story on Yahoo and see pictures of it here.  The yellow arrow in the picture below points to the chair lift that remains. 

Did I mention there was gorgeous skies today?

If Shawn hadn't of been waiting on my down there, I could of stayed up here forever!

Time to head back down the mountain so we could start exploring the streets of Gatlinburg!

Here are a few pictures Shawn took with his phone while I was going up and coming down the mountain!  LOL!

Below is a quick little video of some of the ride up the mountain in the sky lift.

I was manning both my camera and cell phone camera while on the lift and at the top.  These next pictures were taken with my cell phone.

I'm telling you that $8.99 selfie stick got a workout this vacation!  I'm so glad I had it with me!  HAHA!

I got me a new smashed penny from atop the mountain.  I was also super stoked to have gotten me a new smashed penny book!  My other one is almost filled up and I was hoping I could find one while we were in Gatlinburg!

After I came down from the mountain, we started exploring downtown GB.  OMG!  This place seriously is delicious!  I had the most yummy coconut cream donut ever!  Shawn had a chocolate long john but it almost all devoured before I could get a picture of it!  We didn't try their ice cream, but some people in front of us did and they give you HUGE scoops and it all looked so yummy!

Shawn's been wanting to play this mini golf course for a while.  We didn't on this night because it was freezing cold outside as the evening approached and neither one of us brought our jackets with us.  

There is seriously so much deliciousness along the streets of Gatlinburg it isn't even funny!  Taffy, candy, fudge, funnel cakes, popcorn, candy apples.  The list is endless!


Every time we have ever passed by Fannie Farkles their food always smells delicious!  And we are usually stuffed from eating dinner or are on our way to eat dinner so I never get to try anything.  This time however I gave in and got a smoked sausage with peppers and onions.  It was the biggest sandwich ever and oh so yummy!  I sat down at a game with all of our stuff and ate while Shawn played some games.  

After walking around and doing more shopping, we ended up for dinner at Cherokee Grill from some recommendations from people on the Trip Advisor forum and the TA reviews page.  It definitely didn't disappoint either.  It was delicious!  And our server Oxanna was such a delight!  

I had the Prosperity Steak which was a 10 oz. sirloin marinated with olive oil, garlic and pepper, Worcestershire butter, mashed potatoes, and their baked mac and spinach with spicy cheese.  Holy cow was that good!

Shawn had the crab cake for an appetizer and then the half rack of baby back ribs, broccoli, and some kind of squash.  It was all delicious!

Another late night for us with an action packed day!  Off to bed to see what tomorrow's adventures await us!

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