Monday, October 5, 2015

Farm Market Fun!

The Saturday before last, Shawn and I picked up Gavin and headed off to Trunnel's Farm Market in Utica, Kentucky.  Last year they had a photo contest, and I submitted a photo of Gavin holding a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch when I had went with this kindergarten field trip, and that photo won one of their categories.  I won two free farm passes on my next visit.  

I was needing to get my fall flowers and pumpkins and thought it would be the perfect time to visit.  Gavin didn't know Uncle Shawn was coming with us so that was a fun surprise!  This was actually our third visit to Trunnels, you can read about the other two visit here and read what all it's about.

After we left Trunnel's we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Owensboro and then headed to Smother's Park for a little bit more play.  

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