Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cobblestone 2014: Maramec Spring Park

Thursday afternoon after lunch, we headed out to Maramec Spring Park where we met the Bean's out there.  It was their first time to the park, but Shawn and I have been numerous times.  And each time, I truly enjoy walking around the park seeing the scenery!

Before we left for vacation, I discovered online that there was a cable bridge in the park and it looked really neat and like a great photo op!  I inquired about it in the gift shop and we started our hike.  From the far back parking lot, it was probably a quarter mile to the bridge.  

We had great scenery and great company to make the walk enjoyable!

We even tried to find the geocache located in the cemetery, but couldn't find it.  Maybe we'll try again next year!

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