Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Class of 2014: Brent Robinson

Congratulations to Brent Robinson and the entire class of 2014 South Spencer High School!!
We are proud of you Brent, and the awesome young man that you have become.  We pray that God blesses you in all that you do and that you live a happy and prosperous life!

After everyone received their diploma's, they played a slide show with baby pictures of all the seniors...

The 2014 Class of South Spencer High School! 
After the graduation was over and we were getting back in our car, it dawned on me that 20 years ago this year, I was the one sitting in those chairs graduating!!  

A proud son with his proud parents!

This picture totally cracks me up!  Shawn and Brent are giving the thumbs up sign, and I'm giving the "throw metal sign", or in Brent's honor the hand signal for the number two.  HAHA!!  When Brent was in grade school, Heather and I went to a Kid Rock concert and was "throwing metal".  Well at a school program Brent was in, they were singing the song about the little monkies jumping on the bed and when they got to the two little monkeies jumping on the bed, Brent represented the #2 for the "throw metal sign!"  Heather and I were about to die!

Brent and his little sister Zoe, my littlest BFF!

Brent with Heather's mom and dad, Glenn and Mary

Brent with Bowen's parents, Kathy and Owen

Brent with Heather's sisters, Brandi and Ashley

Some of our best friends, the Robinson-Bells ;)

The Hallelujah Money Lei that Heather made!

 After graduation everyone headed back to the Robinson's for a graduation party!


And later in the evening I got the sparky idea to make homemade ice cream.....which resulted in a jeep ride, a trip to the store to get ingredients, the school to get ice, yelling and arguments on how to make the ice cream, jeep hair, loud music, cruising Main, and some delicious homemade ice cream!  Thanks to David Bullock for instructing me on how to make it.  It was so yummy!

Uh yeah, that would be Tina standing up in the jeep hanging out the window as we dragged Main Street!!  What memories this brings back! Brent's mom and dad actually met on one of our many, many, many nightly trips up and down Main Street!

The kid's loved siting around Bowen and Heather's new fire pit and roasting marshmellows (and throwing foam cups in the fire and watching them melt!)

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