Monday, May 19, 2014

Golf Carting Around New Harmony

Saturday morning, Shawn, Gavin and I loaded up in the car and headed to New Harmony for an afternoon of tooling around town in a golf cart!

We had lunch at a little artisan shop called Bliss, which was yummy and definitely recommended!  We had their sandwich meals which included a grilled wrap, chips, bottled soda, and a scoop of homemade ice cream.  Shawn and Gavin got the club wrap, and I got the chipolte chicken wrap.  Both kinds were yummy!  And bottled creme soda drinks....yummy!  We saved our ice cream for after the golf cart ride.  

This was also the place that we rented our golf carts from.  Notice I said carts, plural.  I'll get to that in a few minutes.  The rates to rent them were $13 for one hour, or $40 for 4 hours.  We weren't sure how long we would need it out for so they let us just take it out and then settle the bill when we got back.  The owners of the shop were super friendly and super nice and gave us some tips and ideas about where to take the golf cart.

After lunch, we loaded up in the golf cart and off we went!  The day was sunny, but the weather outside was chilly so it's a good thing we all had jackets with us that day.  I had capri's on and was wishing I would of had jeans.  We started out tour down the trail to the river and then came up behind the big white visitor's center and under the old bridge.

It was coming up the hill from the bridge that we first encountered the golf cart problem....the battery was dying!  Are you freaking kidding me?  We were quite a ways away from the place we rented the cart from.  Shawn tried to call them and let them know the battery was dying, but they didn't answer.  So we drove all the way back to the store on very little battery or juice.  We explained the situation and they immediately got us a new cart. 

We saw 3 different wedding parties that day too!  Everyone seemed to be having fun!

Once we made it back to the shop, we swapped out the golf carts and we were on our way back out again! We spent about an hour this time riding around back to the bridge and visitor's center, down by the river, to the park, and then just around the town.

Uncle Shawn wouldn't let little man drive the cart, but he wanted too.  The next time we do this, I'll make sure he gets to drive!  

In addition to golf carts, they also rent these surrey's.  We saw a family on them while we were out.  While they looked like fun, I think I'll stick to the golf carts!  LOL! 

We had alot of fun doing this and will definitely be back for more golf cart riding around!

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