Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt @ the Rockport Park

On Saturday before Easter, I joined Beth and Gavin at the Rockport Park for an Easter Egg Hunt and festivities put on by Abundant Life Church in Newburgh.  They had an egg hunt, hot dogs, chips, cokes, cotton candy, face painting, barrel train rides, and bounce houses!

The egg hunt was a complete bust for bubby though!  He ran hard and tried his hardest, but only ended up with ONE egg!  I was sad for him :(  But there was alot of kids and it didn't seem like there was that many eggs.  I knew he'd make a quick recovery at our church egg hunt the next day though.

The lone green egg!  At least the egg was his fave color!

Barrel train fun!

My cousin John's sweet daughter Anna Grace :)

Who wouldn't love to look cute and be carried around all day? :)

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