Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's go to the Zoooo

Last Tuesday, I took Mom and Gavin to the zoo.  Or the zoo as Gavin calls it.  He extends the oo.  LOL!  It was supposed to rain and storm around noon so we got to the zoo early so we could enjoy it before it rained.  I also bought the tram tickets in case we all got tired of walking.  Lazy I know, but I'm glad I did.  Around the back of the zoo, Gavin was completely done with it, mom's left knee was hurting her, and my right knee was starting bothering me.  We were all spent!  It was starting to get hot, either the animals weren't out, or the ones out weren't active, and then my zoom lens got stuck.  We hopped on the next tram out of the zoo, picked up some lunch and headed to the park to play for a little bit.


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