Thursday, March 21, 2013

TTC: MRI results

We had an appointment this afternoon with Dr. Gentry to go over the results of my last MRI.  I had went into the appointment already upset because I had already been told that the results weren't very good, however they weren't what I was told.

Dr. Gentry said that the fibroid has shrunk some, but not much at all, but the blood flow had stopped so that was good.  He said surgery is definitely needed to get rid of the fibroid otherwise we will never get pregnant.

He offered us another option in place of him doing the surgery here in Evansville like I had in 2008.  He has a friend up at IU Medical that he wants to ask if she'll do a robotic myomectomy on me.  Basically the same surgery, just using a robot and a couple small incisions with a shorter recovery time.  He's going to ask the doctor to do it, and as long as she is OK with it, and everything pans out with my insurance, I'll be having surgery in June.

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