Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday Momma....even though you are old as dinosaur bones!!!

Last Friday was my momma's birthday.  We went out to eat to celebrate her birthday.  Her brother, my Uncle Dave, had his birthday on Thursday so we were celebrating his birthday too!  It was originally going to be me, Shawn, mom and Gavin.  Then I invited my Uncle Dave.  Then he called me back and said that his daughter Hope was coming and that he mentioned it to Uncle Bill and he wanted to come.  Then Uncle Bill called me and said that he was bringing his wife Joyce.  Then when they showed up they had Bethie with them too :)  We all met at the Briarpatch Restaurant in Owensboro, Kentucky at 7:00 p .m. on Friday and had a GREAT time!

I bought a cake from Schnucks in Newburgh and they exceeded what I had expected when I ordered it!  Gavin is always saying that Uncle Popeye is old as dinosaur bones so it's kind of a funny saying with our family.  I thought this cake was appropriate for momma and Uncle Dave!

Our server did an awesome job waiting on us!  When we were ready for cake he brought plates and a cake cutter without me asking, which was extremely thoughtful of him, however I had already bought birthday plates and napkins and brought them with me.  He also brought out three for momma, one for Uncle Dave and one for Gavin!

Uncle Dave bought momma a big Paula Dean stockpot.  I bought her this set of cookware a couple years ago for her birthday.  Her set is in this blue speckle color.  Uncle Dave has the red set and has this pot at his house and mom mentioned to him that she wanted one.  

Uncle Dave and momma

Momma, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Dave

Gavin took this picture of his pretty momma...He did a GREAT job!

The only picture of Shawn of the evening.....the look of disgust after paying the bill for the birthday dinners!  Hee!!  Love you Pumpkin!!  Thanks for buying!

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