Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PP: Ruffled Tote Bag

Another Pinterest project I tackled this past weekend.  I was up until wee hours of the morning working on this, but I'm so excited how it turned out!  I found my inspiration from Tania Willis and Ruffles and Stuff.

I was in Hobby Lobby on Saturday actually looking for some interfacing and decided to give this ruffle bag a try, especially when I saw this cute roll of Jellies fabric.  I've been wanting to purchase one of these rolls for a while, but could never bring myself to pay $12.99 for it.  Well on this particular day I had a 40 percent off coupon and decided to go for it. 

Then I picked up this basic bag for $1.99.

And after a couple hours of sewing and trial and error, I came up with this...

...and I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself!! 

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Kathy said...

I love your bag it's too cute!! I have two jelly rolls and haven't made anything either! I just started a site come on over and join me:) www.sewcraftykathy.com maybe we can share some ideas.