Monday, January 24, 2011

The Boy Who Doesn't Like Sledding!

We've had alot of snow this past December and January and I finally got a chance to go sledding.  I've always loved sledding - as a kid and as an adult. 

I remember when we were growing up, we would always go over to the Edmond's hill and go sledding or we would walk across the highway and go sledding down this really steep hill in the Rudisill's back yard.  On this particular day, I bundled myself up and drove to Rockport to pick up Beth, Gavin, and Mom.  Of course none of them were ready so it was a chore hurrying them up and getting Gavin bundled up.  We actually spent more time bundling up then we did sledding.  It was cold outside, but we really didn't notice it since we were having fun.

In the back of the park, there is a hill that Mom and Beth and her family always go to for picnics and to let the dogs run around and play.  It wasn't a really big hill, but it was big enough to get a good sled ride in, but not too big that it killed you while walking back up it to go down again.  I went down a couple times and then once with Gavin; Beth went down it two and a half times.  Mom stayed at the bottom of the hill by the car and took pictures.  After Gavin's one and only ride down the hill, he throws his hands up in the air and says to us "Done, done" and walks to the car and tries to open the car door to get in.  It was the funniest thing ever!  While we wanted to stay out longer, I knew he wasn't having fun and it was cold outside, so we left.  Maybe we'll try again next year!

 The fun sledding hill!

For Christmas I got Gavin and myself round sleds. 
Now I realize I should of gotten him a sled that
can pulled so he can go for sled rides instead of sledding down hills.

Poor little guy was so bundled up, he couldn't hardly move. 
Beth had to practically drag him up the hill.

Here I come!  Weeee!  My screaming might of scared him a bit too!

Gavin watches as his mom *attempts* to go down the hill.

Apparently she rides sleds like she rides a bike.  LOL!!

She did have fun rolling down the hill though!

We are ready Tootie, give us a big push!

While I enjoyed it, this is the point when he says "done" and walks to the car!

Here comes Tootie....

...and she wiped out again! 

Relaxing in our jammies after a hard 10 minutes of sledding!

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