Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scales Lake Playday

Mom went and got Gavin on Sunday for me so that they could spend the night and we could spend Monday together since I took a vacation day.  We spent the morning being lazy, playing, and napping.  Later in the afternoon, we got ready, stopped at McDonald's to get lunch and then went over to Scales Lake to have a picnic and play.  Our McDonald's lunch was yummy and the play was fun.  We played on the all the toys they had.  Even mom and Aunt Stacey went down the tornado slide and the swings!  After playing, we drove around looking for deer and hit the jackpot.  In the cabins area, we found a man pulled over on the side of the road feeding the deer.  He said he comes everyday to feed them and around 3:45 each day, alot of deer come.  We saw about 6 on the day we were there, but he said the day before there was about 10 to 12 deer.  After we watched the deer for a while, we went to the little petting zoo/farm they have.  There was donkeys, rabbits, sheep, chickens, goats, peacocks, and even a mini horse.  There was one donkey there they kept smiling for me when I would take his picture.  He WAS the funniest thing ever!

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MeChele said...

Wow! No we were leaving the park and saw them right before the petting zoo on the main road! They just stood there, letting me take their pics. I figured they would get scared and run but they didn't! So cool!