Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Annual Vet Visit

Once a year, we take all of the animals to the vet for their annual shots.  I like to take them all at one time and get it done with versus making multiple trips to the vet.  The only downfall of this is the price.  It was $438 for both cats and both dogs to have all their shots, their heart worm tests, and a month supply of flea/tick medicine.  They all did great at the vet though!  We brought them home, dropped them off, and then Shawn went to work and I went to Rockport for the day.  Shawn and I met for dinner at Cancun's at 7:00 p.m. and then came home around 8:30 p.m.  Around 10:30 p.m., Shawn noticed that Hershey kept shaking his head and that one of his ears was fat and puffy.  I started looking at him and realized that both of his ears were swollen and that bumps were starting to form under his coat.  I knew right away that he was having an allergic reaction to something - probably from the shots he got earlier in the day at the vet. I knew I could probably give him some Benedryl, but wasn't sure what dose.  I decided to call the All Pet Emergency Vet in Evansville.  I didn't want to take him there cause I know it's really expensive to go there, however my pet was in distress and something needed to be done.  I spoke to the girl on the phone and told her what was happening.  She said it sounded like he was having an allergic reaction and that she recommended we bring him in and they could give him a steroid and a benedryl shot.  I asked her the cost just so I would know what to expect.  The visit was $95 and then the two shots, she said it would probably be around $200.  I told Shawn what she said and what the cost would be and told him to get dressed and not to forget his billfold.  We drove there and they saw him right away.  I could tell he wasn't feeling well cause he just kind of snuggled up with me on the way there and wasn't trying to look out the window like he normally does on car rides.  They checked him out and gave him a steroid shot and then a shot of benedryl and then had us stop at Walgreen's and buy some regular benedryl to give him twice today.  We were given a blessing while we were there.  Our regular vet, Dr. Chapen of Animal Care Clinic in Newburgh, is on the Board of Directors of the Emergency Vet, and because Hershey was having complications from a visit to the vet that day, they waived the $95 exam visit and all we had to pay for was the two injections and they were only $74.  Hershey Bell is back to his old self again and I'm SO glad.  I was really scared for him and even shed a couple of tears. 


MeChele said...

Love your pic!!! I also like the new blog background site you found!

Stacey Jessee Glenn said...

Thanks! If you go to the list of links on my blog, there is ALOT of links to blog background websites.