Monday, October 11, 2010

Mt. Zion Apple Fest

This Saturday was the Mt. Zion Apple Fest out at Honey Creek Farms in Grandview.  I haven't been to the Apple Fest in over a decade!  I picked up Beth, Tommy and Gavin, and mom met us out there.  We weren't there that long cause it was hot and sunny and there wasn't much shade - very unusual weather for this time of year.  There was food, crafts, games and entertainment, along with some old tractors.  They also had some puppies for adoption through the humane society. 

After the Apple Fest, I took Beth and Tommy home and brought Gavin home with me to wait for Uncle Shawn so we could go to the West Side Nut Club Fall Fest.  While waiting, Gavin had a snack while I played on the computer.

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