Thursday, April 15, 2010

The best thing about flying....

well the best thing about flying on Delta....those delicious Biscoff cookies they serve.  I'm sitting here eating some of them now and thought I would blog about them.  A few years ago, Shawn and I flew to Mrytle Beach for vacation and aboard our flight there, they offered snacks.  Shawn got the Biscoff cookies, I chose a Sprite.  The motion sickness and neverousness of flying was getting the best of me.  Shawn offered me a cookie, so I tried one.  Yummy!  I motioned for the flight attendant and got my own package of cookies.  HA!  On our return flight, we got a couple packages of them.  When we got back home, I googled them online to try and find a place around here that sold them, but all I could find where places online.  I decided we didn't need a case of 100 of them and just gave up.  Every now and then I think about them and look for something similiar in the grocery store.  On one of my last grocery shopping trips, I found a package of Biscoff cookies and thought "those look like the ones we had on the plane, I'll try them".  YUMMY!!  I realized a few minutes ago that the cookies were Biscoff the entire time.  I thought they were called Biscotti and that's what I had been looking for in the store. 

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