Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Chairs and Cheeseburgers

Last Saturday when I get off work, I drove into Rockport to get Gavin for the weekend.  I picked him up around 3 and then we headed back home.  We stopped at McDonald's for lunch and I got him a cheeseburger happy meal.  My friend Mandy gave me this booster seat so that I can have a chair for him when he comes over.  Gavin LOVES his new chair.  He was in it quite a few times this weekend and when he wasn't in it, he was constantly walking over to it and pointing to it or playing with the straps.  Thanks Mandy for giving it to us!  I love watching him eat with his little fingers.  I think it's so stinking cute to see him pick up his food and try to get it in his mouth. 

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