Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a Busy Day

The day started off bright and early with a trip to the vet for both dogs and both cats at 9:20.  Everyone is doing fine, it was just annual visits for all animals.  The result left us $300 broke.  Reese weighs in at 5.8 pounds, Hershey is my big boy at 16.8 pounds, Clifford the fat cat weighs 18.75 pounds, and little Molly is 7.5 pounds.  Poor Clifford is petrified of the cat carrier, so I always have to sneak attack to get him in it.  One minute into the five minute drive to the vet and Clifford hurled up 4 days worth of food.  It was nasty.  Thanks vet lady for cleaning his cage.  After the vet we came home and relaxed for a little bit and mom came over and we headed to Cancun Mexican Resturant for lunch and then to the Vineyard for some new CD's.  After the CD purchases, we went back home to relax some more before Gavin and Zoe got there and all the trick-or-treating started.  Once everyone was here and bundled up, we headed out for the TOTing.  Shawn and I just got home from going to Wendy's for supper and now I am heading to the couch for some much needed R & R.  I'm so glad we turn the clocks back an hour tonight so I can have some extra sleep.

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