Thursday, October 29, 2009


I went to Dr. G on Monday morning for a follicle u/s.  I knew it was going to be a disappointing appointment.  I just felt different this time around from my first time of taking the medicine.  I had no follicles on my right ovary and she couldn't see my left ovary because of the fibroid that is in the way.  Plus being overweight makes it harder for them to see what they need to see.  I also had to have my Estridol levels checked.  The nurse called me later in the day to tell me that my levels were 239.  A mature follicle is 100.  So according to my levels I have 2 mature follicles, but because they couldn't see them, they couldn't be positive.  So instead of getting my trigger shot, Dr. G just wants Shawn and I to have intercourse every other day for the next week or week and a half and to just have fun with it.  I was SO upset at all of this.  And then on top of it, Shawn was late to my appointment so that didn't make matters any better. 

I know I HAVE to have faith and leave it up to God, but it's so hard.  Each month I get more and more discouraged.  I feel like I'm prayed out.  And cried out.  In fact, I've cried so much about this on Monday that I gave myself a sinus infection. 

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MeChele said...

I am so sorry! We will be praying for you both.