Monday, August 24, 2009

TTC: It's a Go!

I had an appointment at Dr. Gentry's office on Friday at 8:30 a.m. and by 9:45 a.m., we were actually hearing them call our name. Sometimes, there is nothing fast about that place. Although Dr. Gentry and the girls there are great, they are usually overbooked and you always have to wait. Once we were back in the room, the nurse did a baseline u/s to make sure I didn't have cycts or polyps which were causing me to not get pregnant, which I didn't. So that meant everything was good for me to get started on my fertility medicines. The nurse gave me a calendar plan, my prescription for Femara and told me that the drug company would call me to get my Follistim injection order, and showed me how to give myself injections. Bleh! I also got a new prescription for prenatals cause the ones I have are old and I really need to start taking them again. The drug company called me later that day to get my order. I had my credit card out handy to pay the bill. I knew the injections were going to cost anywhere from $600 - $900 so I was ready to hear the cost and pay the price. I couldn't believe it when she told me that all I had to pay was my $20 co-pay. I asked her if she was sure that's all it was? She said that's all your insurance said you had to pay. I was so excited I was doing a happy dance! Of course, I needed the injections by Tuesday so I choose to pay $20 for them to be overnighted, so the total cost was $40. Saturday morning around 10:30 a.m. the FedEx man showed up with my box. I was so excited. My sister is going to give me the injections. I really thought I was fine with giving them to myself, until I saw the size of the needle at the doctor's office. Like I said earlier, bleh! Shawn could give them to me, but he gets home too late at night and I honestly don't think he could do it either. But I trust Tootie to do it, plus I'll get to see my little nephew for the next 6 nights. I started the Femara pills on Sunday. I have to take two twice a day for 5 days and then I start my injections on Tuesday night and get a 100cc unit shot each night for 6 nights. She said it's better to take the injections at night that way I am crabby while I sleep instead of during the day. Everyone should thank me for that. LOL! Then on August 31, I go back to Dr. Gentry's office for another follicle u/s. If there are any mature eggs that are 17.5 mm or bigger, then I'll get a trigger shot of HCG to make me ovulate and then we get "groovy". LOL. I laugh at that word cause a friend on Facebook asked me when our "groovy days" were so she could concentrate on prayer on those days in particular. LOL!! So if I get the trigger shot on the 31st, then our groovy days are that night and every other night for the next week. That seems like a lot of groovy to me! Please pray that everything works the way it should work with this first round of medicines.

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