Thursday, August 20, 2009

TTC: I'm Ready to Move Forward

It's been a couple of month's since my last entry about TTC. I decided to put the fertility medicines on hold for a while and spend more time "trying"TC. To read more on my last entry, click

So I didn't have a period in May - now I know it was because of the medicine and not because I was pregnant because I took a home PG test and it was negative. We had a vacation scheduled in June and thought that relaxing at the beach and spending some much needed alone time with my husband would put me more in the mood to try harder on our own. WRONG....I started my period the morning we left. I couldn't believe it. I was SO MAD!!! I even planned the vacation so that we would be gone the entire week before I 'normally' started. I guess not having a period the month before and the Clomid messed my cycle up. In July we took a little trip with some friends to Gatlinburg. We had our own cabin so I was excited to have some more alone time with my husband. Yeah right! Aunt Flo decided to come along that trip too, only on the second day this time. Are you freaking kidding me???

This whole time I have been testing my urine each morning hoping and praying for 2 pink lines to show that I am ovulating. Every morning, it was nothing. So Tuesday of this week I got tired of all the testing and the waiting. I threw the rest of the strips in the trash and made up my mind that I was going to call Dr. Gentry and get started on the next step towards trying to get pregnant. I was supposed to start my period last Friday and thought that I would wait a few more days before taking a pregnancy test because I was having some of the same symptoms that I do when I would have a period. I told myself I would wait and when I did test, if it was positive - wonderful, and if it was negative, I would call Dr. Gentry and try to find out what was going on with my body and find out what all I needed to do to get started on some new meds. Well, don't you know that on Wednesday, I started my period. BLAH!!! So last night I told Shawn that I was ready to move forward and he told me that we could.

This morning I called and talked to the nurse at Dr. Gentry's office. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. I am going in for a baseline U/S. It's a transvaginal U/S and they will check for fibroids (which I know I still have one left that they didn't remove from my surgery), cysts, and pollops. If everything is ok, I'll leave with a calendar and a plan. I'll start Femara pills and then come back in 9 days for a follicle U/S to look for follicles. If I have 17.5 or above, I'll get my HCG trigger shot that I have left from the previous visit. So that's all I know for now. I'll blog more tomorrow after my doctor appointment.

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