Sunday, July 20, 2008

Each day gets easier and easier

Well I'm 10 days post surgery and feeling better and better each day. I stopped my pain meds a week ago and only take Tylenol if I feel bad. I still have trouble trying to get comfortable when sleeping in the bed, cause I am a stomach sleeper, but other than that I am feeling fine. Enjoying my time off before I have to head back to work. I'm at home at least for another 2 weeks until I see Dr. Gentry on August 4.

I've just been laying around the house watching TV, lots of HGTV to be honest. I've discovered that my fave shows are Clean House, Merge, and Deserving Design. I've also been watching reruns of the Cosby Show and forgot how funny that show is!!


Elizabeth said...

I love your blog! So pretty!!

Jennifer Klages said...

Glad your feeling better - hang in there and get well soon!