Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I see Grandma's house

I really did on Sunday. Actually Beth claims she saw it first, but I don't think she did. This was a little thing we always did when we got close to grandmas house. The first one to see it would yell out "I see grandma's house"! We went to the St. James social on Sunday and after the social we drove out by Grandma Goebel's house to show Shawn were she lived and the lake. The house looks the same, however, one of the trees in the front yard was cut down, the old metal garage has been replaced with a new garage and the old barn in the field had been torn down. If you turned on the little side road, there was a turn off where we could now drive to get close to the lake. We pulled in and walked up to the lake. It looked the same as it did when we were growing up, but different. I know, I'm sure that didn't make any sense. I still remember the lake the same as I did as a child. I wish I wouldn't of been so lazy on Sunday to go back to the car and get the camera to take some pictures. I know mom and Dobie and everyone would of enjoyed seeing them. The next time I am out that way, I will stop and snap a few photographs. Oh the memories!

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