Sunday, August 5, 2007

Exactly one week from today....

In exactly one week from today, we'll be outside loading the car up and taking a roadtrip. I'm pretty sure the car will be stuffed to capacity on this trip...however I'm voting at attaching a U-Haul to the Neon and trucking down the road. Wouldn't that be a sight? We would look like gunther alley then!! HA!! Me, Shawn and Bethie are going to Cobblestone Lodge in Steelville, Missouri. Here is the link to their website... . I've never been, but Shawn and his family have gone every year since he was born...well Shawn hasn't been in the last few years, but his parent's have been. It kinda reminds me of the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing, but not as classy. I'm hoping I'll meet my Patrick Swayze down there. LOL! J/J Shawn...I love you pumpkin!! Anyways, I'm pretty sure that it is going to be a very relaxing vacation. We will have all of our meals there and everything we want to do will be there too, so there won't be any driving around doing things or figuring out where we are going to eat what meal where. I'll be spending plenty of time just relaxing in our cabin, laying out by the pool, eating good home-cooked food and getting fatter! We'll be rafting and tubing down the Meramac River, playing cards, dancing, and just have a great relaxing time. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back as I plan on taking lots of them. You know me and my's attached to my hip most of the time.

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