Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December Happenings

December was a busy month for us, and here's a hodge podge post of our December happenings...

Last year after Christmas, we bought some blow-up Christmas yard decorations, so I ventured out in the freezing cold one night and put everything up.  

And then I put the tree up on the inside of the house.

Gavin's school had their Winterfest program, so I went and watched that.  

My friend Misty took me out for my birthday dinner and got me some goodies...

...and then I came home and snuggled with my birthday present!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who liked the new blanket!

My new camera bag came in!  Did I need a new camera bag?  Well no, but who could pass up a $13 deal, and everyone in my FB photography group was ordering one!

Shawn and I went to my work Christmas party at the Evansville Country Club.

Shawn threw me a surprise 40th birthday party!  You can read about it here!

Little man spent the weekend with us and we went to the Rockport Christmas Parade and then rode in the WOW float in the Boonville Christmas Parade

My actual birthday was on Sunday so after the Boonville Christmas parade, we took Gavin home, and Shawn and I had my birthday dinner at Angelo's in Rockport.  I can't pass up those breadsticks anytime I'm there!

When I got to work on Monday after my birthday, I walked in to this!  

Shawn and I ventured over to Louisville one Saturday to go to the Apple store in the mall to get his new phone fixed.  And while we were there, we had lunch at Brazieros.  If you've never experienced a Brazillian restaurant, I highly encourage it!

My new 2016 Erin Condren Life Planner came in!  Love the cover!

I also spent a couple different days in December making Christmas goodies!  I made the peppermint crunch candy, but then also made some new candies - chocolate covered cherry crunch and peanut butter and jelly crunch - Oh Em Gee!  That stuff was good!  I also made chocolate walnut fudge, and peanut butter fudge.  I gave the majority of it away, but definitely had my fair share of all of it!

A friend from church gave me a belated birthday present!  I absolutely love this hat, and wear it alot!

One Sunday after church, Shawn and I went with our sister-in-law Christa to sign Christmas carols at a nursing home that Christa and Steve minister at.  Christa has such an amazing voice and is a talented singer!

I had a photo shoot with Shawn and the dogs and Molly for our annual Christmas card.  That was a chore to say the least!  And then I finally got all of our cards out in the mail.  All 130 of them!  

On some Wednesday nights, Gavin attends church with a little neighbor boy and he was in their church's Christmas play, so Shawn and I went and watched that.  He was a tree with leaves!

Hershey Bell and his allergy problems aren't getting any better, and in fact are getting worse and the two different kinds of allergy pills he was on wasn't helping, so we decided it was time to see a doggie dermatologist :(  The closest one is in Louisville, but every other Thursday they come to Evansville to the All Pet Emergency Vet for the day, so we made an appointment there.  Our little guy is allergic to all kinds of stuff and I'll blog about that in a separate post.

Our church had it's annual Christmas play and it's always a great play and a good time of fellowship afterwards!

These girls!

We also celebrated my Shawnie's birthday!  We went to at the Bonefish Grill and I made him a book.  I thought I took pictures of it, but I can't find them.  I made it online and it was a book about everything I love about him, and us!

My work had a day where we could wear ugly sweaters or festive attire.  I concocted this "sweater" up, although I don't think it's ugly!  LOL!

On Christmas, we spent the evening with the Lantrip's and the Robinson's, and Gavin :)  We went to Wasbi54 for dinner and then headed off to the Bowladrome for some glow blowing.  We've done this the last couple years and it's always been fun, even though I'm not a fan of bowling!

After dinner, and before we hit the bowling alley, we drove through a neighborhood in Owensboro that is Christmas light city!!  The picture below is just one house :O

As you can tell from the scores below, none of us are good bowlers!  LOL!

Gavin told me he was taking selfies!

After bowling that night, even though it was late, and we were tired, Gavin wanted to put his Christmas Lego's together and Aunt Stace and Uncle Shawn obliged!

Lego operations resumed the next morning too!

My friend Heather made me a super cute wiener dog blanket for Christmas!  My friends know me too well and know I love snuggle blankets!

We spent all day Saturday being extremely lazy, playing games, and taking naps!
Aunt Stace sure doesn't have a very good hand right now :/

Gavin was having surgery on Monday so we hyped him up with ice cream before hand.  LOL!  They had ice cream Friday night, and Sunday afternoon!

On Monday my sweet boy had to have his tonsils out.  Last year he had tubes in his ears because of all of his ear infections, and this year he's been getting strep throat alot so he had his tonsils taken out.  Hopefully he'll be sickness free soon!  Mom sent me these pictures of him after the surgery :(

Shawn won a Nutribullet from a work event, so we've been blending up different concoctions in it.  This one definitely wasn't a favorite for me!  GAG!

We celebrated New Years Eve at Danny & Rita's house visiting with friends and had a great time!

Like I said, December was a busy month, and I'm sure I left out half the stuff we did!  Here's to wishing 2016 will be the best ever!

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