Thursday, September 10, 2015

Road Trip With the Robinson's

Sunday morning I headed out with the Robinson's on a road trip to Spring Mill Park in Mitchell, Indiana to have a picnic lunch, go swimming, and explore the park.  I had the middle row of the highlander to myself, and these two loud, crazies were right behind me :/

We stopped and got some drinks and snacks on the way up and then stopped at KFC for some fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, slaw, and biscuits for our picnic lunch.  

After lunch we headed to the pool that's inside the park.  It was a nice big pool, and even though it was busy, you never felt crowded.  What I did feel was cold water!  Brr!  I like my pool water to feel like bath water, not ice water!  

After swimming, the girls and Heather and Bowen played a little volleyball.  Me?  I sat at the car and then walked around looking for those hummingbirds to take pictures of.  I must of been looking down at something else cause when I looked up, I saw Heather laying on the ground and everyone was  gathered around her.  Below you can see her grass burn wound!  Sorry I missed the fall down and didn't get any pictures to document!  LOL!!

After the volleyball game, we drove to the parking lot near the village and got out and explored some.  The girls enjoyed walking in the creek water and I enjoyed taking their pictures...

...that is I enjoyed taking their picture until this happened across my path.  I let out a scream and a fat girl took off running!  Blah!  Gag!  Ugh!  Nothing creeps me out more than a snake.  Ugh!  I'm shuddering just thinking about it.  Ugh!  Of course once the initial shock and scare were over, I had to run back and take a quick picture of it before hightailing it out of there again!

After we left the park, we headed towards home but not before making a dozen more stops (ice cream, gas, cheap donuts, pizza, smores ingredients...haha!!), and one of them being at the West Baden Springs Resort.  Heather said the last time they were there, the resort was building a little trolley car and tracks that went around the property.  We stopped to see it and then took a ride on it.  The ride was complimentary and actually took you from the West Baden Springs Hotel to the French Lick Hotel and back.  A little something fun to do.  

Hanging around the grounds of the hotel were ALOT of deer.  I think I counted about 8 or 10 on one side of the road, and about 14 more on the other side of the road!  I heard someone say that just stay there on the property and visit.  

The ride home was definitely not as relaxing as the ride up there.  These two were in the back seat singing very loudly the entire way home.  Oh my poor head!  Haha!!  

I'm thankful for good friends and good memories!  Until our next road trip adventure...

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